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Current Release
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sometimes it is more difficult than others

Right, the Mess in Progress has been messing with my head. I suddenly realised that I had ditched the hook/set up that I had originally intended to write for something that I thought would be more powerful, but had neglected to add in another hook. The ms as reported here actually fell v flat. But while acknowledging this, I personally love bits and am stubborn.
This afternoon, my daughter served as a human sounding board until the point came where she said -- why don't you just ditch and write something totally new. Uh no. I like certain parts v. much.
The set up finally came to me and it does mean massive changes but it will also make it much better. Watch this space...

Set ups/hook are things like Marriage of Convenience, Amnesia, Reunion, Back from the Dead etc. I have not used this particular set up before but Anna Lucia will be pleased as it is one of her favourites...

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Judy Jarvie said...

Sounds like you're powering into the nitty gritty, Michelle. I'm liking the sound of amensia and back from the dead. As a big fan of The Gambling Man, Catherine Cookson (Robson Greene with a reappearing heroine) I'm liking it a lot. jx