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Monday, May 31, 2010

Going Postal and Steampunk

One of my favourite Terry Pratchett's -- Going Postal is being broadcast on Sky at the moment, the conclusion is today. Thus far, it has been a thoroughly engaging adaptation of the book. They used a steampunk type setting for the tv adaptation, and it really works. You can't really define Terry Pratchett as anything but fantasy, but the steampunk setting works for this production. My fingers are crossed that they do The Word at some point as well. I would also like some of the Watch books...
Anyway, the setting is Steampunk -- i.e. late Victorian with a twist. There are weird and wonderful machines etc and everything is slightly odd. But there are no trains, cars or electricity. The clacks which is sort of a telegraph cum internet runs on cogs, wheels and levers.
Claire Foy as Adora Dearheart is fantastic. I loved the four inch steel spiked stilettos.
If you are curious about Steampunk, this production is a good one to watch. And if you just like great entertainment, it is good to watch. I have no idea if or when it will go to the US, but I hope it does.
I am currently knee deep in my revisions and they are starting to make sense. My editor was right (editors generally are) and there is a lot of work. But hopefully at the end, it will be an engaging read with keeps the reader in the book.


Nicole MacDonald said...

haven't read that one, will have to see if we have it in our collection :)

Michelle Styles said...

Oh it is a good one. I really thought Pratchett did a great job with Going Postal.

The second part is well worth watching. A slight deviation from the book but it makes sense in cinematic terms and Pratchett does have a cameo...