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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sometimes you just need to knit

Over the past week, the desire has been growing -- I want to knit. The last time, I knitted was when I finished my sister's cardigan back in 2005. But with the cats going, I wanted to do something with my hands as there was no longer a cat to stroke.

Yesterday, I gave in; purchased more wool and new needles; casted on and began a cardigan for my husband. It is amazing what the fingers remember. There is something satisfying about knitting. And right now it fills a need.

My eldest is back from Russia. He prefers St Petersburg to Moscow. Despite the lovely towers, St Basil's was stripped bare inside by the communists. He came back with among other things -- War & Peace in Russian. Interestingly, Tolstoy wrote bits in French. The Russians can read more than one language. I have pointed out to my son that perhaps he ought to learn French as well as Russian!

The clock in the picture was stopped when the October Revolution happened. It has never been restarted. My son found the Hermitage museum to be absolutely fascinating. He enjoyed seeing the various paintings etc. He also found the various memorials interesting. The memorial to the victory over Napoleon is modelled on Trafalgar Square. The guide in St Petersburg had been one of Putin's translator and was very good. The guide in Moscow was very Russian and things had to be done to a time table. While in Moscow, the group went to see the ballet of Sleeping Beauty at the Kremlin. My eldest decided that it was not one of his favourites as there was a lot of pointless dancing at the beginning when the various delegations arrive. He prefers his ballets to have more of a story.
Anyway, he is hoping to return to Russia someday.

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Kate Hardy said...

Hope the knitting helps, Michelle.

Fabulous pics - so exotic. Like a fairy tale.

(Uh-oh. I feel a lightbulb flickering...)