Thursday, April 02, 2009

It's all Greek

Donna Alward let me know that Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife was in Greece last month. I was very pleased to see that the Greeks used the inside cover from the North American version of VWUW as the front cover. I happen to really like that picture.

Because there is now a functioning Greek Harlequin site, I can offer up the Greek version of the blurb.

Η Επιστροφή του Πολεμιστή
Νορβηγία, 794 μ.Χ.Ο ήχος από τα τύμπανα του πολέμου πλημμύριζε τον αέρα και το σκληρό βόρειο φως στραφτοκοπούσε πάνω στα ακονισμένα σπαθιά καθώς η Σίλα στεκόταν στην ακτή και κοίταζε με δέος τα πλοία που ανέβαιναν στο φιόρδ. Ήταν γεμάτα πολεμιστές, άγριους άντρες που αδημονούσαν να ριχτούν στη μάχη και να δοξαστούν.Όμως δεν ήταν η απειλή της κατάκτησης από τον εχθρό που την έκανε να τρέμει σύγκορμη. Ήταν ο τρόπος που σκιρτούσε η καρδιά της στη σκέψη ότι σύντομα θα αντίκριζε το περήφανο πρόσωπο και το καλοσμιλεμένο κορμί του γιάαρλ Βίκαρ Χρούτσον, του αρχηγού των εισβολέων. Του άντρα, που πριν από λίγα χρόνια ήταν σύζυγός της…

I can get a few words like *the*, *and* and *Norway* but the remanents of anceint Greek is woefully inadequate. It is still thrilling though!


Anne McAllister said...
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Anne McAllister said...

Hi Michelle, thanks for posting the link to the Greek Harlequin site. I went to see if there were any of mine coming out in the near future. Apparently not at the moment, but more amazing was to discover that the banner at the top of the entire site was a piece of the cover art from my Presents, The Inconvenient Bride! What a treat! It changes periodically so there are others, but when I went there, it was MINE!

Michelle Styles said...

Anne --
Oh I am so glad that you discovered something of yours there (even if it was just cover art)! It is little things like that that make one's day.
And I am sure your books will be on there soon. It is handy just to know that you can check, rather than waiting for the unexpected parcel.

Anne McAllister said...

Hi Michelle, yes, it did rather make my day. And there are three of my books on there, but I have copies of them already. I'll check it periodically to see when the next one turns up, though. Thanks again!