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Friday, April 03, 2009

The last parent teacher conference

I attended my last parent teacher conference for my eldest son (despite his being in Russia). The deputy head had sent a note to all the parents saying how important the conference was. It was all about making sure he revises for his A levels and various different strategies, plus reminders about revision sessions. I heard lots of good things but bottom line he needs to study more as nothing is in the bag until you get the final results back.
It is a strange moment when you see all these parents who you can remember as young parents with toddlers doing the rounds for one last time, earnestly discussing their children who now tower above them. The chairs are uncomfortable as ever, the hall just as loud but there is a certain air of poignancy about it.
My youngest reminded me when I got home that I have four more years with him, so I can go back to complaining.
The house still fills quiet. I keep going to pet the cats and end up stroking the breadbin. My daughter and my youngest are resolved to get new kittens sooner rather than later.

Oh and Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife is officially published today so that means I should go and see it at Tescos. There is a certain something about seeing your book on the shelf. It is even better IF you know a couple of copies have been sold...


Liz Fielding said...

New kittens are just gorgeous, Michelle. Lots to look forward too. And we're shelf buddies this month, so I need a trip to a big store, too -- I'll say hi to your Improverished Miss while I'm there :)

Nell Dixon said...

Now I need to go to Asda too to buy both your books.

Michelle Styles said...

Liz -- Hooray that we are shelf mates. Fingers crossedthat my Tesco's has not run out of your books before I get there. They have a habit of doing that for some reason.

Nell -- how good you are!

Kate Hardy said...

Oh, bless - sending you a hug on breadbins. (But you've given me an idea. I have no guitar lessons for two weeks. I could cut my nails and make bread. Hmm. Might ring DH and tell him I'll do the school run after all... Oh, wait. I have a deadline.)

Hope you get huge sales (Liz, too).

In fact... I have this month's books by you, Liz *and* Nell. Colour me happy :o)

Anne McAllister said...

I'll be using book depository for mine since they have to come across the pond (well, Liz's doesn't and will be here shortly from amazon). I love book depository! It makes all those UK books so accessible (now I just need room to keep them).

Totally share your nostalgia about parent-teacher conferences, Michelle. I remember my last one. It seemed like I'd be going forever (and I nearly was as between the eldest and youngest there's nearly 10 years). And yes, I remember how it felt watching kids I'd seen grow up. Of course now they're all on facebook, so if I want I can see them there!