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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Regency dress

Today is my children's high school's Charity Day. The money raised goes to a worthy charity -- this year is going to support a charity chosen by the family of a sixth former from the school who died of cancer eariler this year.

The theme is historical figures. My eldest is going as a raisin (an easy costume and as he says something that has been around since time immemorial). He would not let me take a photo as he said that I was laughing too hard. The costume consists of two bins bags.
My youngest wore the Confederal General's jacket that I made for a long ago Halloween for my husband and his school trousers. He refused to do up the jacket and also refused to have his picture taken.

My daughter wore the Regency dress. I am proud of it. I dragged my sewing machine out yesterday and completed it -- including ribbon placements on the sleeves and hem line in one day. A lot of cursing did accompany it though when I discovered that I had no choice but to rip a few seams. Still it is the finished product that counts... She had no choice but to pose. This is her Haloween etc costume for many years to come. She is NOT getting the mid Victorian day dress that she has her eyes on....
She is also wearing a scent box necklace (I should find out the correct name). They were poular in the 19th century. You put a dab of scent on some cotton and put it in the box/medallion and then as the warmth of your skin heats the metal, the scent is released. My aunt gave it to me years ago. The reticule belonged to my great great grandmother.


Kate Hardy said...

Wow - Michelle, that looks amazing. (And thanks for sharing the info re the scent necklace.)

My word verification is VERY appropriate - "rocks" - you certainly do!

Nell Dixon said...

Wow! Looks gorgeous, you are so talented. I'm sure your daughter looked fantastic.

Michelle Styles said...

Thank you both.

Both the raisin and tehRegency costume worked. I nuderstand my youngest took his jacket off quite quickly.

I prefer to do costumes rather than dresses but sewing can be fun.

Carol Townend said...

Wow, I am seriously impressed! You could be a seamstress - if you weren't already a writer...
They obviously had a fab time.
Best wishes