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Friday, February 22, 2008

Ashes to Ashes and its quality

The third episode aired last night, and thus far Philip Glenister continues to steal the show. And it continues to be some of the best television I have seen for a long time. That I suspect is down to the quality of the writing and the ability of the actors to bring those characters and situations to life.

What I like about the show is that they are developing the characters, giving them layers. For example, the neanderthal Ray showed he had a heart last night when he dealt with a rape victim. And then helped further the cause of justice. It is the little touches, the unexpected turnabouts in character that help make it. Quietly done and more important subtly foreshadowed, so that when it happens, it is utterly believeable. It did not take up a huge amount of screen time, but that little subplot really helped to make the episode for me. It was a masterclass in how this sort of turnabout can be achieved.

What I also loved about last night's show was the upping of the chemistry between the two leads, but Gene refused to do anything about it. When their lips were very close as she argued with him and he resolutely turned away. Absolutely lovely. He retains his integrity and his code. he also cares about the people under him. There are reasons why I think women are attracted to the character.

The proofs have arrived for A Question of Impropriety so I am up to my neck in those. It is a matter of reading through and checking for the flow. In many ways, QI was a very difficult ms to write and I just want it to be an excellent read.

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