Friday, February 01, 2008

The Appeal of Gene Hunt

The Radio Times has a wonderful set of front covers this week -- all four on Ashes to Ashes. This is the new Gene Hunt show where he is now in 1981 London and causing mayhem for a female dci transported back from 2008.
The Radio Times wonders why Gene Hunt exerts such sex appeal on women. After all he is uncouth, neathanderthal and his opinion of women is not very PC. He should be the sort of man that women from 2008 run from, shouldn't he? But Gene Hunt has a huge female following. What is it about him?
Having used Philip Glenister as a model for Vikkar in Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife (out in the UK June 08), I think I can answer that -- it is his core of integrity and his devotion to his team, his family that appeals. He is the sort of man who once he gives his heart, gives it all without reservation. He is willing to fight for the people he cares about. He demands their loyality in return, but he givens no less of himself. He is a man of action and a man of his word. It takes a lot to earn his respect and trust, but once someone has, he is willing to listen and to protect and defend. And when the chips are down, and the whole world has deserted you, if you are part of his team, Gene Hunt will be there, fighting along side you, protecting you.
In other words, he is an unreconstructed alpha male.
I can well understand the appeal.
Ashes to Ashes starts on 7 February, BBC 1, 9 pm. My family are taping it for me as I have to be at the M&B cocktail party. To ask them not to watch it until I get home is asking far too much. They are all far too excited. Life on Mars was a fantastic show and fingers crossed, this will be as well. AS LONG AS THEY DO NOT MESS WITH GENE HUNT and he gets to keep his integrity. Oh please God, let him keep his integrity and devotion to his team.


Kate Hardy said...

Thank you, Michelle, for reminding me of this - at least when I'm not at the party (where I would MUCH rather be), I have something to stop myself sulking about.

With you on the characterisation.

Margaret Mayo said...

I'm with you regarding Gene Hunt, Michelle. We loved Life on Mars so much that I bought Ken the whole of the two series on DVD for Christmas. I must rememeber to set the video for Ashes to Ashes because I shall be in London too.

Natasha Oakley said...

Oh heck! I hadn't made the connection with Ashes to Ashes and the M&B cocktail party. My family are so unreliable when it comes to recording things for me. :)