Thursday, January 04, 2007

Reviews, newsletters and journalists

First of all, the review for A Noble Captive is up on Dear Author. Jayne had done a thought-provoking review of Gladiator's Honor when it appeared in the US. After I wrote to thank her, she asked if any more of my books were coming out, as she was keen to read more. I was intrigued to know if she thought my writng was growing. So I sent her off a copy of A Noble Captive. In the meantime, the web profile of Dear Author has taken off...It is an intelligent site and the Js try to address thought-provoking topics.

I have sent out my latest newsletter. The contest is to win a signed hardback copy of Sold and Seduced. Simply email me with the answer to the following question.
What are the hero's and heroine's names of Sold and Seduced? I will be drawing the winner on 14 Feb. You must be a current newsletter subscriber to win.

Today I am helping Joanne Carr out on the Harlequin Historical Day at Cobblestone Press. I shall be giving away a signed copy of A Noble Captive.

A little later a photographer will be coming over to take my picture for the Hexham Courant. I am trying to do better on my PR...On Tuesday, a journalist and another photographer are coming to see me as well. Why do I suddenly wish I had started my diet earlier?

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Cole Reising said...

Oh!!! Congrats on the PR and yet I can't help but smile at your ending comment -- wished you'd started your diet sooner! ;) I think everyone, well most everyone, can relate to that one! Have fun with it all either way!