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Current Release
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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Chocolate, champagne and cake

Or why I gained weight last week... 3 lbs to be precise. ARGH!!!

However, it was my birthday and I am still five pounds lighter than the beginning of the month. What the use is living if you can't indulge once in awhile. The thing is to get back on the straight and narrow -- say that was in the past and it is my future I care about. But how could I refuse the chocolate truffle my middle gave me, and the champagne (PolRoger) my dh bought to celebrate my nomination and the chocolate cake (and if truth be told the carrot cake I baked). Interestingly carrot is not considered a helping of fruit and veg...

Due to technical problems, I release that I have lost my ticker thing bookmark. I shall have sort that out again.

My writing has also been light this week, but I will get it done. VC will be completed by the time I promised my editor! There are some books like this one, I am afraid... I do have a synopsis and I am looking forward to getting to certain parts.


liz fenwick said...

PolRoger is my favorite champagne! Its well deserved for your nomination!!!

Meg Allison said...

Michelle, you have to celebrate your birthday! Those calories or the pounds they created don't count...not much, anyway. ;)

Anne McAllister said...

Michelle, if ketchup is a vegetable, so is carrot cake. Enjoy -- and happy belated birthday!

Kate Hardy said...

It's mandatory to celebrate your birthday, not make yourself miserable by depriving yourself. You know why the three lbs went on and you're not going to repeat what caused it this week, so you'll be fine. You've still lost a lot so far this year, so keep going with the good work!