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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tomorrow = London

Tomorrow I take the plane to London and the AMBA day. It starts with lunch and getting to meet/renew acquaintence with some of M&B authors and the senior editorial staff. Then it is champagne and canapes with the rest of the editorial staff. Finally I get to help celebrate Biddy's birthday month. Then I catch a flight home at Saturday lunchtime.

I am rather exited about all this. It is a chance to really feel like a M&B author. Also, a chance to try to understand what is actaully happening at M&B. I am also curious to see what these editors actaully look like.
I have p[ruchased make up for the occassion. And have decided on my flats rather than my rebellious boots because of the problems of going through security at the airport.

My current wip is almost there. But undoubtable my editor will find places it needs strengthening. I had hoped to get it out the door today but that is NOT going to happen. It will probably go Monday afternoon. Then I can have a few cleaning days off. My study is rather a mess. I suspect it will take my editor some time to read it, which give me a chance to make a good start on the next one. I only hope my editor will like it.

I drove yesterday. Not a problem. It helped that I was annoyed with my dh who suggested I might need to take remedial lessons! Men! He wasn't in the car. He didn't know what happened. Yes, I know in theory you do try to keep cars on the road, but when the car in question has started to fishtail and the decision is do you spin into oncoming traffic, or do you hope the verge will stop you -- I chose the verge. At least the two vans who stopped to help us were not hit. That accident could have been so much worse.
Equally I did not swerve around any of the dead rabbits on the road. Adventuresome lane changes may be off the menu for some considerable time.
Now all I have to do is wait for the sales invoice etc from the Renault garage, and then send all the insurance items off. Then wait to see how much they are going to offer.

I see that Galvaston is predicted to be hit by a catagory 5 hurricane. Isaac's Storm by Erik Larsen details what happened on 8 September 1900. Horrifying scenes. But they did not learn. Walmart was built where once an orphanage stood. The sea wall is only 17 feet high. The predicted storm surge is 175 feet. Technology helps but does not lessen the hurricane's power to destroy. My thoughts are with everyone affected.


Donna Alward said...

I heard that in 1900 only 3 children survived of 90 in that orphanage. A seventeen foot wall isn't that great faced with a Cat 5 storm at all.

The one good thing about Katrina is that after seeing what happened to La. and other areas, people are less hesitant to evacuate.

Sue Child said...


Have a great time in London. You deserve it.

Yay that you got behind the wheel again.


Michelle said...

Hope the editor loves your new book! And have a wonderful time at the party. :)