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Current Release
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Monday, September 05, 2005

On writing the end

I have nearly finished the wip. Ok, I have finished the last chapter and only have the epilogue and author's note to write. Each of which are half-written. There is a slight hesitation here to write the epilogue as it may change but I shall give it a go. I need to go through and make sure all the threads all tied up neatly. But the story proper has ended.
There are still tweaks to do, but the story is about 80 k computer count, which is where I want it. There were times over the past few months that I wondered if it would make it that far. At one point -- I thought oh, no, it will not be long enough, but it is.
Now I simply have to wait for my editor to decide IF she wants to see the rest of it. She did encourage me to finish it...
I also have to decide what to write next and start perculating ideas as I get this one polished up.Do I write a premise for the next Roman one? Or do I finish my saga? Or...
It is a wonderful feeling when one gets to the end, a moment to be savoured, before the hard work of polishing begins.

I see that the HBO Rome series had good for cable ratings for its first programme. Hopefully that will continue. The number of people watching the first programme equalled the number of people who watched the finale of Six Feet Down Under. If HBO feel they have a big enough audience, they will commission a second series. Then maybe a few more fans of the time period will be created.

One of the ways the romance community is helping out with the relief effort is to have a critque and book auction. If you go to you will see a list of authors, agents and editors who have donated books and critques. It is a little step towards helping but lots of little steps and small kindnesses add up.

I have wonderful memories of New Orleans as I spent one of my first proper grown up holidays there -- visiting my brother at Tulane University in 1983 (such a long time ago now). Even back then they worried about the levees breaking. Luckily for my peace of mind, he was living at the time in Garden City, one of the older areas above sea level but I do really remember the city and its special atmosphere. I understand from my mother that all of his friends had left the area and so were safe.

Hopefully now the misconception that somehow technology can strip Nature of its power to kill and destroy has been totally laid to rest. Respecting the power of Nature is always a good start.

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