Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sometimes it comes right

This morning, I had a sudden flash inspiration. My cp had told me that the ending was weak. I had left a number of threads dangling. She wanted to see people punished etc. What happened to x y and z she asked. She also indicated her disappointment (not a good sign!) It had to be fixed but how. It suddenly came to me -- how this could be done. I t now reads much better, and I feel satisfied with the way my wip is going.
Also last night I read my new book on Merchants, traders andPirates in the Roman World and had a degavu moment. When I first started writing this, one character was named Archelaus and the sanctuary was going to be formerly of Apollo. I had too many As and changed the name and then I thought Apollo a bit obvious. It turns out that in 88 BC a pirate by the name of Archelaus destroyed the scantuary of Apollo at Delos, a trading port in the Med about where I set my fictional island. I must have read this somewhere before (I have read a lot of Roman history) but can't for the life of me remember where. But isn't it odd?

ANyway, I am starting to enjoy my editing much more. There are still mroe editos to work through. Places my cp pointed out that it didn't work for her. It should be finished before the end of the month. But I am just feeling relieved to have finally figured out the end. And when I did, it seemed so obvious. GRRR


Anonymous said...

Glad you worked it out!

Donna Alward said... this a good time to say glad my ramblings helped????

I am really looking forward to celebrating another sale with you, Michelle!