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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Lost and found

Six months ago as my cats were busy dying (and the puppies being born but I did not know that!), I lost an earring. Nothing in the great scheme of things but it was one of my favourites. The fact of it going missing somehow made the day seem even worse.
I looked and looked but could I find it? No. I came to the conclusion that it was gone forever. Forgot about it and got on with my life as searching for missing objects is not high on my priority list when other crisises are happening.
However, this morning as I was getting the dog food out of the shed, I looked on the path and there it was -- a bit scuffed but there. I then hurried upstairs to make sure that somehow the puppies had not brought down the one remaining earring. Nope, I now have a pair again.
Now I have swept that path over the intervening 6 months as have the children and my husband and nary a sign. So either it was in the feed store and got knocked out (how particularly as I cleaned the dumb thing out two months ago and nary a sign!) or there is a hole in the space-time continuum and things just reappear at random intervals. Personally I am inclined to the later as it explains a lot of things...


junkfoodmonkey said...

I vote for the hole in spacetime too. Get that nice Captain Jack round from Torchwood. (Of course, I'd take any excuse to call Captain Jack in...)

Michelle Styles said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful?

Kate Walker said...

I vote for the hole in space/time too. Funnily enough this happened to me too just before London - I had lost one of a pair of favourite earrings and was really upset as they were a gift from my sister in Tasmania and beautiful. While packing for London, I looked for some other earring in a holder I'd already checked a dozen times for the missing one - and it was there.

Pity I'd never thought to get Captain Jack round . . . .