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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Streaming colds and contest

I am currently suffering from a bad head cold. I blame my dh as he caught the cold first. It has been a long time since I have had one this bad. I have been inhaling Vicks and generally trying to keep my liquids up.

One very good thing was that the long delayed parcel from Donna Alward arrived yesterday and I was able to spend the afternoon in Larch Valley, Canada instead of thinking about how truly dreadful I felt. Her hero Brody was very melt worthy and she has a real sense of place with this book. The end of the book was truly magical and I can't wait for her next Larch Valley.

Thankfully being a critique partner has a few priviledges and so I can bug Donna and ask her to make that certain characters get a mention... I do think that Donna keeps getting better and better.

My Q&A should be up on Unusual Historical today. It is a leave comment and be put in for the draw type contest. The prize is VWUW but I am always happy to send one of my back list.


Donna Alward said...

Your request is noted, lol. Not one I'd thought of. And I know the perfect way to do it. :-)

But first...yeah. One deadline at a time...

Nell said...

Hope you feel better soon, Michelle.

Michelle Styles said...

Well just seemed to be more of the Suzanne and Matt thing. I mean she was off in tears during the dance...

And yes one deadline at a time.

Nell -- I am feeling vaguely human today.