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Friday, December 12, 2008

The Cold

After hearing a number of reports including from Julie Cohen, and India Grey I have decided that this cold is not just any cold but The Cold, something worthy of a proper title. It is easy to scoff, but it starts with aching limbs, a sore throat of cut glass proportions, a sinus headache and as a final insult a chesty cough and runny nose. It is the sort of thing that sends grown people to bed for weeks on.
I have been battling through, thinking I was getting better and then my chest started to ache like a nasty chest infection is coming on. I did try my aunt's sightly odd suggestion of putting Vicks on the soles of my feet as it is supposed to help with a cough. It made my feet nice and warm but I am not so sure what happened with my cough...every so often it wracks my body...
I have now read Rubenhold's The Covent Garden Ladies which examines the milieu of Covent Garden in the mid 18th century -- looking at the rise of the high class bordello/nunnery as well the life a courtesan. Fascinating stuff. And some men did marry their mistresses... Rubenhold is definitely a non fiction author to watch.

But right now, I simply want to be well for Christmas.
We are supposedly getting our tree tomorrow which means suddenly Christmas will be in high gear.


Julie Cohen said...

It is definitely The Cold. Amazing how it has struck so many places at once.

You forgot to mention that is also makes you feel very, very grumpy.

I loved The Covent Garden Ladies, too.

India said...

Ah yes, The Cold. An extra 'challenge' in the reality TV show we call Christmas.

Hope you're both feeling better soon.

Michelle Styles said...

I am glad you said that it makes you grumpy and irritable as it certainly has been doing this to me.

And India -- luckily I had not taken a sip of tea! One could easily have a reality tv show called Christmas with extra challenge points...

Nell said...

Yes, definitely, The Cold. A spoonful of neat honey does more to dampen the cough reflex than most medicines on the market

Donna Alward said...

Oh hugs, on not being able to shake this thing. We haven't had THE cold, we've just been fighting off something that makes us more tired than normal, not enough to require night time medication but enough that we're going through lots of kleenex, and infrequent coughing that just doesn't go away.

I hope you are feeling better soon. And try a cough med with codeine, as it does help with the inflammation of air passages (not to mention induce a lovely sleep).

Your Sister said...

Kevin and I both had it. He got Bronchitis and had to get codeine laced cough syrup from the doctor before he got well. Of course, hot lemonade with lots of honey always feels nice, warm baths and hot water bottles too. A humidifier helps or some of those plug-ins that you introduced me to. Eat lots of healthy foods too. Rest, and take care of yourself.