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Current Release
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

No longer a decorating refugee

I have moved back into my study, but still need to figure out which pictures go where. I am also waiting for the curtain rail to go up. The room does look far warmer and I do like coralline as a colour. It contrasts nicely with the white and gives a lovely classical feel.
Coralline was popular in the Kingdom of Naples. The royal palace at Casserta is painted coralline on the exterior, for example.
My current wip is going slowly and I made the mistake of reading a research for another time period. Immediately my daemon started whispering story ideas. But it is also a ruse as my daemon dislikes hard work at times and sometimes, dangles the prospect of a lovely new story, unsullied by words that do not turn out properly. I have learnt to resist such blandishments. BUT I have learnt a lot...


Donna Alward said...

I love the new colour. It's warm and cozy.

And also love the built in bookshelves.

LindaC said...

Love the color, Michelle. Really warms the room and makes the white 'pop'. I'm pea green with envy over the bookshelves. Never can have too many of those.


Anna Lucia said...

Looks lovely, Michelle! Like Linda and Donna, I love those bookshelves...

CherylStJohn said...

oooh - ahhh

Lovely color.

Sending me a pic of your Christmas tree this year?