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Current Release
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Friday, November 14, 2008

Article in the Hexham Courant about me and my books

As a result of the BBC Radio Newcastle interview, a journalist from the Hexham Courant contacted me and a piece has appeared in the paper. The article is positive and the photo cheerful. You can see the new bookcase in the background.
It appeared on page 3 of the news section rather than in the arts section.


Nell said...

Lovely article and gorgeous pic of you!

India said...

Isn't it great when journalists are postive and photographers know what they're doing (unlike most of the ones that I've had...) Thanks for the link!

carolwarham said...

Great article and beautiful photo. (new bookshelf looks good too!)

Donna Alward said...

You look great! And a fab article as well. I so agree with the escapist lit doing well in times of financial downturns.

Kate Hardy said...

Great article - lovely to see something so positive.

And that's a fab pic of you - your hair looks great like that!