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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Roman's Virgin Mistress in French

Thanks to Joelle, a reader in France, I learnt that La Rose du Colisee (The Roman's Virgin Mistress) is up on the Harlequin France site.

Before anyone says anything, I do know the cover was recently used for Juliet Landon's The Warlord's Mistress. The various different Harlequin offices have full access to all the artwork and they are able to pick and choose the artwork that they feel will be best suited for the book in that particular market. And the cover has such a very lovely seductive feel that I am thrilled the French thought it could fit my book.

The blurb for La Rose is:
République romaine, 69 av. J.-C. Veuve, la belle Silvana dirige avec son oncle une maison de plaisirs. Aux yeux de tous, elle offre l’apparence d’une femme comblée. Nul ne sait que son oncle est couvert de dettes et que la ruine les menace. Courtisée par de riches soupirants, dont le jeune et fougueux Eutychus qui veut l’épouser, elle répugne pourtant à faire un mariage d’intérêt. Mais, un jour, l’arrogant cousin d’Eutychus, Lucius Fortis, proche de Jules César, vient lui proposer un marché : il fera d’elle une femme riche pourvu quelle s’engage à renoncer à Eutychus. Humiliée d’être prise pour une créature vénale, Silvana refuse.…

You can purchase it here.

My friend Jen Black told that when you go into the French hypermarkets, they have long rows of the covers and they are quite a site to see.

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Anne McAllister said...

Lovely cover, Michelle. I've had ones that have appeared elsewhere.

It only bothered me twice -- once when they used my own cover from the US on a UK book of mine that had a different title (and nothing to do with the cover!), and the other when they re-used a Presents cover on another Presents promo only a year or so later.