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Monday, March 10, 2008

Mills & Boon Centenary Gift Items

I received a packet from Mills & Boon today, detailing some of the interesting items that have been produced for the centenary.

One is a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring ten Mills and Boon covers from Ravensburger. Sarah Stevens of Ravensburger said "Many of our loyal puzzlers are also fans of Mills & Boon novels, so like the heroes and heroines of the books, ours is a perfect match."
I know my children are fans of puzzles and we always have one on the go. Recently I discovered the Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery and sure enough, they have copies of the Mills & Boon puzzle in stock. They also have a special promotion on -- buy 3 1000 or 1500 piece puzzles from Ravensburger and get the cheapest one for free. Just right for the upcoming Easter holidays...

There are the greeting cards from Peachey Keen, a divison of The Greetings Factory. They are highly amusing but I am having trouble finding them online. So I can't give a link...
Apparently there will other items coming as well...

The other big promotional item are the packs of money off coupons -- good for use in the UK or on the Mills and Boon website. They sent me 2 books of the coupons. I will be giving them away in my next newsletter which comes out in early April...


neha said...

hi Michelle,

what you mean by money off coupons??

we at share thoughtful corporate gift ideas.

Michelle Styles said...

The money off coupons are specifically targeted at Mills & Boon series books. So, they offer a one pound off say a Historical.
These can be redeemed at partcipating retailers. They also have more general coupons for use on the Mills & Boon site. I think if a reader used all the coupons, they would have a saving of about 100 pounds. The coupons expire 30 June.
In order to reward loyal readers, M&B have mailed these booklets out to the authors who can then distribute them to whom they choose. Or in the manner they choose. I believe some authors have stuck the indivdual coupons in books at their local retail store. I am not sure where else the booklets are available. Harlequin have used this method before in the US with North American based authors.
Of course Harlequin/M&B authors have a worldwide readership and it would be useful IF the booklets had been posted to ALL authors rather than just those who in live a specific country.
I hope this makes sense.