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Current Release
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Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Calm Before the storm

High winds and lashing rain are supposed to hit England tomorrow. Half of me wonders if it will be a damp squib. Will it actually be the lowest pressure that England has ever experienced? Will the entire country be ravaged by winds likeit was in 1987? Or will people shrug and say -- that is this it?
Basically, if you foreshadow something too much, when it actually happens, the reader is a bit disappointed. Was that the BIG secret? Or was that ALL?
In writing as in weather forecasting, there is a fine balance to be struck. You want people to be alert and cautious but not overly panicked. There of course, there is always the possibilty that they made a mistake and it is going to be far worse...
Curently I am hoping the weather forecasters have over predicted. I have no wish to experience winds greater than the ones we have been having lately.

Spiring has sprung up here a bit and it means that the ducks are starting to build nests. I am SO hoping that the measures we put in place will eliminate the duckling problem, but I see one lovely white duck did not go to bed last night... Unfortunately the very beautiful fox I saw the other night up near the New Alston crossroads may get attracted...Then there is the sparrow hawk that has been hanging around. Sometimes, I wonder why we keep ducks...but then I'd miss them if they were gone...Ducks seem not mind bad weather...

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