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Current Release
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Sunday, September 17, 2006

On being sick

First things first My good writing friend Michelle Willingham has finally sold her first book to M&B historicals.It is an Irish Medieval, andfull of hunky warriors. It is wonderful news and I am sure she will be a great addition to the M&B stable.

This weekend, it finally hit -- I am sick. My children have been sick, my dh has been sick, and then it was my turn. Yesterday, I went to bed at 5pm without supper with a headache that would not quit. My middle made me a hot water bottle, and I woke up an hour later --drenched as the hot water bottle had leaked everywhere and being out of it , I hadn't noticed! I still have a bit of temperature, but feel much better.

I was able to work on my wip and I am not so depressed about its progress as when my headache was nearly blinding me. It is getting there. Over 50k now and the deadline a little less than four weeks away. If I keep going at my current rate I WILL make it. I know what is happening next and have really looking forward to writng this part. It is basically five to six more chapters. Or about a hundred to a hundred and twenty more pages, then editting which always adds because I have a tendency to need to layer.

Oh and I have finally got ALL the honey in. Something else I don't reccomend doing with a fever but it had to be done. My eldest and I went out and brought the last three supers in yesterday. Because the Porter bee escape had been on, and the bees could not get to the honey, once we had taken the first super off, the bees rose up -- stinging mad. In the end , I had about five stings and my son about three. The honey was easy to spin off. And we ended up with 18 lbs.
So that is a grand total of 206 pounds off two hives. Which I think will take some beating.


Kate Hardy said...

Sorry you're feeling unwell - hope you get better VERY quickly.

And congrats to Michelle W on her sale!

Nell Dixon said...

Feel better soon, Michelle.

sue child said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, Michelle.

I've still got a huge grin on my face re Michelle W's sale :-)