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Current Release
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Friday, September 15, 2006

My cave

Cheryl St John had a blog yesterday about her cave, her inner sanctum and I was impressed. This is what my writing space currently looks like. I stitched the unicorn picture when I was sixteen. Underneath are my covers such as I have them. On the top of the bookcase, you can see the champagne bottles from my celebrations of my first two M&B contracts. The red heart shaped box next to them is where I keep my reader letters. It was originally a box of chocolates from my dh, but I loved the shape and thought it the perfect place to keep reader's letters. And you can see my mug. There is generally a mug of something on my desk and I tend to drink it either lukewarm or cold as I go into the kitchen to have a break, wander back, start writing again and then remember...
And also in the room, but in the picture was my yellow labrador who was lying alseep, and whom I nearly tripped over as I triedto take the picture.
And I am in mid-book. I thought it was in a mess , until Cheryl point me in the direction of Writer's Caves and I saw Jennifer Cruisie's. Then I realized what mess could really be like!
So go on tell me what is YOUR cave like or better yet post a photo on your blog so the world can see!


Kate Hardy said...

Your cave is actually very tidy, Michelle. (And I am not posting a pic of mine becuase it's so messy I'm ashamed of it.)

Lovely pics on the walls. And is that a pre-Raphaelite calendar?

Michelle Styles said...

No messy is Jennifer Cruisie -- anything lese is untidy. YOurs will not be as bad!

The calender is of women reading and was from my aunt who thought it appropriate. Above the calender is a tracing by my youngest of an Easterling.
The framed posters are all from San Francisco. I really like the one of the GOlden gate bridge. A friend went to the ABA conference in 1985 and picked it up for me. It was on my wall for a number of years and eventually we got it framed. It is made up of *scraps* from Balantine, Del Rey and Fawcetts novels from that year.

Milady Insanity said...

Well, there's nothing on my floor, so it's tidy, right?

*will not discuss the desk*

Thanks for commenting on my RTB post, Michelle!

Gayle Easterling said...

Researching my surname and ended up here because your youngest traced a picture of an Easterling (my surname) pretty good likeness of me 1st thing in the morning lol

Michelle Styles said...

LOL Gayle. Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with researching your family.

I wonder if Tolkien knew any Easterlings and that was why he called them that. It is interesting to speculate on why a writer calls things by certain names.