Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mills and Boon celebrates Team GB Olympic success

 One thing I have been very aware over the past two weeks is how big the Olympics have loomed  at the Mills & Boon office. There have been various pictures appearing on Pinterest of various editors cheering on the Olympics (they are being shown live) and an improvised medal tally on one of the pillars.
So when Mills and Boon announced an up to 70% off sale on 100 titles of print and ebooks combined to celebrate the success I wasn't surprised. The offer is only good for 24 hours and only good at, rather than on their mobile site apparently. But it is a chance to pickup some bargains of books people might have missed. The Viking Captive Princess is in the sale with a price of £1.49. I think it is for the ebook only as I believe the print edition was remaindered some time ago.
But there are some good bargains to be had. The UK print version of Donna Alward's rita nominated book --How A Cowboy Stole Her Heart is available for £1.49. And Kate Walker's The Devil and Miss Jones can be had for £0.99  You can see the full list here.
But the offer ends at 12 noon on 13 August 2012.

I am looking forward to the closing ceremony. I have spent FAR too long watching the Olympics and so have been making sure my words are done before I start having anything to do with the Olympics. My deadlines looms (and I want to be free and clear to enjoy my holiday at the end of September!)

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