Friday, June 29, 2012

Winner for A Taste of Northumbrian Summer Gift box 2012

I drew the winner this morning Susie K -- and she has been notified.
Many thanks to all who entered.

I do need to do a newsletter which will have another giveaway and I will be visiting a number of blogs in the coming weeks, plus there is the Goodreads giveaway so there are more chances to win a signed copy BEFORE  His Unsuitable Viscountess is officially published. If you can't wait, both and will be selling print and ebook copies starting on 1 July. The kindle and Nook versions won't be availabe until 1 August.

In other news:
We had a tremendous thunder storm yesterday afternoon. The Tyne Bridge got hit by lightening. Search -- youtube lightening strike tyne bridge as several people captured the dramatic incident.
The A69 was closed for a time.  Hopefully the rain will stop soon.
My youngest long await Buckfast bee colony will now not be delivered until the 10th as the weather has been too extreme and the colonies are not building the way they want them too.

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