Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Going International

One of the great joys of being published with Harlequin is that my books do get published all over the world.
I forgot to check last month but Compromising Miss Milton was published in Italy as Il Visconte Libertino.  The books arrived via the post this morning. I love the colours on the cover. Breaking the Governess's Rules is out in March as La Sposa Perduta (the lost wife) which fits. I am very excited about it being out in Italy as the heroine spent time in Sorrento.
Breaking the Governess's Rules is also out in February as Fiancee a un lord.
I was very pleased as one of my resolutions this year is to relearn French. I have been doing my Rosetta stone lessons every morning for the past few weeks. Once upon a time I was nearly fluent but allowed it slip. When I met the French senior editor last summer, I so badly wanted to speak to her in her own language. I look forward to rereading various books of mine in French.
It has given me quite the spur to get on with the short story I promised my editor that is a prequel to both Compromising Miss Milton and Breaking the Governess's Rules. It is another governess story. But more importantly to get my current manuscript done. I finally figured out what was wrong and that I needed an Aunt. I don't think I have really done an Aunt before. I have several Aunts (and there is a reason for the capital -- think PG Wodehouse). I love them dearly.
I have no idea what my nieces think of me but I would be honoured to an Aunt.

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