Monday, January 23, 2012

TAM Continuity L2 and a new story challenges

Right I have started Level 2 of TAM's continuity and Tracy really does work your legs...and your arms.
Level 1 was a brief and welcome respite. It gave me a chance to learn the new Dance Cardio. It is very much Hippo Dancing 2.0 as my eldest would say but I am enjoying it more.  Tracy continues to work you hard. One of the things I do like is that there is only one of her. You are not looking at advanced and beginner moves. The advancement comes from the new levels and your body is constantly challenged. You don't have to think -- I can't face seeing this particular dvd one more time! Every 10 days the MS changes.

I have started my latest story and am looking back at my notes for Shackled to see if I did anything differently which contributed to its more completed form. The big thing I noticed was that I started with fleshing out the backstory far more rather than going for the appearance. Even though the back story did change a bit, I still was solid on the character's inner values. Knowing the inner value means that you know how the character will react and what is important and why. My deadline is 1 April and s

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