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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rents in the space-time continuum revisited

Last summer, I lost my Mont Blanc pen. It vanished one bright day after writing outside. My youngest had brought my papers in and I thought he was perhaps careless. We tore the house upside down looking for it, checked the garden. But not a trace. And a result, in many ways, my writing has felt off. I have used that pen to help me write every historical.It was wrong of me but I missed that pen.
The discovery of my earring a few weeks ago gave me hope. Maybe some day, the house would reveal the pen.
Then yesterday, I happened to lean over and look by the sofa in my study. There in plain view was the pen! The sofa was thoroughly taken apart in August and again when I was searching for some piece of paper in September. It was not there then. It was there yesterday. Just like someone had dropped it and walked away. Given the fuss I had made (including dire threats), the children were pleased to know it had been found.
Is it a rent in the space-time continuum? Does the house simply eat objects and spew them out again in odd and obscure places? Or is there a logical explanation?


Nell Dixon said...

So happy you found your pen. All things happen for a reason and you needed that pen right now, so you found it.Happy Writing!

Kate Hardy said...

Glad you found your pen. Hope the rest of the revs flow really smoothly now.

If it was our house, I would've said there was definite canine involvement. Anything goes missing in our house, we check his snoozing spots first. (He doesn't chew - except pens, actually, so your pen wouldn't have been safe here - but the amount of times we have to turn the house upside down to find a single shoe...)

Judy Jarvie said...

Great news on the resurfaced pen! I loathe losing things and my mind instantly goes into manic retriever mode pulling the house apart. Not good. I'm sure there's a pixie that does it on purpose just to watch my madness. I'm sure you'll crack those revisions now. jx

Kaye Manro said...

Love this post! I've had similar things happen to me too. Once I lost my favorite dance shoes. Gone. I did the same as you, searched everywhere. Now shoes are bigger than pens. So you'd think easy-- anyway I did find them days later and in a place I had already searched well. Being a bit of a paranormal nut, I can believe in the space-time continuum! An alternate reality perhaps where things do come back after they've spent time elsewhere. It's a thought. It happens on Stargate all the time, lol. Fantasy, I know, but maybe, just maybe there is truth in fiction...

Caroline Storer said...

The case of the missing pen - how intriguing! So glad you got it back. I'm with Kate - if things go missing in our house it normally is canine related. Take care. Caroline x p.s just about to type my word verification and it's "geese" - which made me think could it be feather related? But then I'm sure they wouldn't get in the house would they?

Jackie Ashenden said...

Could be akin to the sock black-hole that operates in the vicinity of my kids' bedrooms. The sock black-hole only takes individual socks but sometimes accepts pens and other small but vital bits and pieces. It's annoying!Glad your pen turned up though!

Joanne Cleary said...

Very odd. My old house once sucked up every watch in the house and then months later deposited them all under the table in the lounge. Very odd! But glad you've found your special pen :-)

Michelle Styles said...

Thankfully others have this sort of thing.

However it was not of the canine variety worm hole simply because the pen was not chewed At All.
You do not want to know about the puppies and their latest bed.
How many minutes does it take for a Border COllie to destory a new dog bed?