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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rome -- series 2

Rome started last night on BBC 2. The second episode is on SUNDAY!!!! So while there is not long to wait, I do have to remember the date.
The episode was packed full and I was thoroughly engrossed. It was reasonably accurate as to the main events -- although some of the subplots were slightly dubious. For example -- could Pullio really kill that many men in tavern without basically having a scratch on him. And also why is he sporting a beard? The vast majority of Roman men were clean shaven during this period. And I keep trying to decide which Pullio I liked better...And what was with the strange custom of the Romans wearing belts at funerals -- the whole point was that during the mourning period, you were supposed to go unbelted. But it did hold me within its world.
I wonder if Livia will make an appearance in this series, and if they are going to show Octavian shadowy first wife whom he divorced to marry Livia.

I see that the Roman's Virgin Mistress is now published and available for purchase on I suspectthat will mean that it is out in the bookstores there as well. It will be out in the UK bookstores officially on 6 July.

As far as I know the piece about me has not yet appeared on ITV News North East, but every night lately I have been watching with the video at the ready...

I turned in my latest ms and now I will start doing my prep work for the next two as they are a duo. I also have a stack of admin plus blogs for other people to write. And the dust in my house has reached epic porportions...


Anonymous said...

I love Rome--there's a series synopsis on the HBO website that details each episode, and also a character guide that includes season two...

Michelle Styles said...

I am attempting to be Very Good and not read the episode guide. But how long until I can no longer resist the pull, I don't know.

I do think the world that the Romae wrieters created is totally enthralling, and I find it interesting to think how I would have shown things.

I thought the scene where Antony's speech was described, rather than shown was great. A good way of getting the drama over and showing it without resorting to Shakespeare.