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Monday, January 09, 2006

Observations on Prague

Outside Prague Castle Posted by Picasa

Prague is very olde worlde Europeon. How as a child I had always imagined central Europe would be like. It also looks like how I would imgine many fantasy medieval settings would be like -- brooding castle, winding streets, little lanes fulls of shops, cobblestoned streets and a dusting of snow. Old fashioned red and white trams trundle up and down.
It is easy to get lost. Each street winds to something more interesting -- another onion domed church, a former gateway, the theatre where DonGiovanni was first preformed -- minutes after Mozart completed it, a marionette shop with fantastical witches and wizards hanging in the window, another shop full of wooden toys. Many of jewellry shops are piled high with amber and Bohemian garnets. The amount of amber is staggering, particularly as it was so prized in ancient times.
We stayed at the Hotel Paris, a restored Art Nouveau hotel and a national landmark. It is a truly special hotel if you like Art nouveau as I do. The dining room is all mirrors, turquoise mosiac, bronze and light. In the evening a piano plays, and we kept stopping our conversations to guess the tune. The staff are attentive without being fawning. The food is delicious -- although the dumplings are best left on the side as they are pure stodge.


Your sister said...

Michelle, did you see the defenstration of Prague window at the castle? I was in Prague in 1992 and I really remember that, the Charles Bridge, and the Jewish quarter. You are right. It is so moving. I saw the children's drawings too and I also cried. I think Prague is one of the most beautiful cities. I'm glad my memories still jive with your photos. It really sounds like the two of you had an excellent vacation.

Michelle Styles said...

Wow my sister actually commented. There again, she didn't know about the blog until yesterday...
I hadthought you had gone to Prague earlier somehow.
And yes defenstration seemed to be big Prague. I likedthe fact the Second defenstration failed because they landed on a dung heap.

Kate Allan said...

Looks lovely! Prague is somewhere I must go!

your sister said...

Well, it could've been in 1990 or 1991. I can't totally remember, but we were some of the first Americans people had met. I'd have to ask Jenn. She was doing a year abroad in Italy at the time, and we met up to go traveling. That was some trip! We arrived in Paris drunk on champagne.

your sister said...

Whoops! I meant to write "We arrived drunk in Prague" I did drink a lot in Paris, but this trip was through Eastern Europe after the wall fell. It's been 15 years or so, I think some blurring of memory is permissable.

Michelle Styles said...

My sister drunk? Never!
Paris or Prague -- champagne is good to drink.

Kate A -- you would like Prague.