Monday, November 24, 2014

Excerpt from Taming His Viking Woman

Because it will be published in February 2015, here is brief excerpt from Taming His Viking Woman:

“Sayrid, I marry a woman, not a man. Find a dress.”
Sayrid stared at Hrolf uncomprehendingly. “A dress?”
“You do own a dress…don’t you?”
She released a breath and offered a prayer up to all goddesses in the Aesir and Vanir. At last, a way to postpone the evil day with dignity. Somehow she’d discover what he truly wanted before she started believing that he wanted her. She could use this to buy time and find a solution to the mess. It wasn’t over until the ceremony was done.
“My best dress is at home. What a pity. We will have to name another day when I can be attired in the sort of clothes fit for a sea-king’s bride.”
“Borrow one.” A glint showed in his eyes as he raked her form. “Or come naked. But I marry a woman. Today."

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