Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My heart goes out

Last night I listened in horror as the events unfolded at the Boston marathon. So senseless. So tragic. My heart goes out to all those who are affected.
Back in 1999, I stood on the finish line sidelines with my three children, waiting for my husband to finish. Probably very near to where the explosion happened.  Boston is a lovely city full of wonderful people. Everyone was so kind. I can clearly remember someone handing out juice bars and making sure that my lot got some. People were just kind to a woman with three young children, including one in a pushchair. They made space so we could see the racers and cheer them on. I have very good memories of the city and the people.
When my lot were young, we went to a lot of races to cheer my husband on. Marathons always have a special atmosphere. People are relaxed and excited. Everyone is working together. And the runners are the focus. It is a shame that the innocence has been lost.
The Boston marathon is a great race  and I hate that it was targetted in this manner.
There is never any justification for this sort of behaviour. Ever.

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