Monday, February 04, 2013

A quick update -- latest Viking sold etc

First of all, my latest manuscript sold on 18 January. No title or schedule release date and no word if it is going into retail in North America.  Persoanlly I think it is excellent with really strong plot hooks, well developed characters and an exciting plot line but I would say that.

I am hard at work with the next one and very excited about it. It is another Viking. A berserker this time. My new editor is allowing me to have darker heroes.

The No Sugar month was a success. I learnt lots. Going no sugar/sweetners is very hard. There are times when the body demands sugar, particularly in stressful situations. Nutrient rich starchy carbs really do have a part to play. The excessChristmas weight has dropped plus some more. Other than being no sugar, I have not been dieting -- so I have been eating my own homemade bread for instance.
I had birthday cake on my 49th. I made the frosting. It was far too sweet. I much prefered the walnut/coffee cake part. I also tried some custard I had made a day earlier. Again far too sweet, even though I had put in less sugar than the recipe called for. Fingers crossed that I am losing my sweet tooth. I have not been really tempted.
Going forward, I am doing limited sugar which basically means sugar/sweetners on Special Occassions.
I did read Rob Lustig's Fat Chance --the Bitter Truth about Sugar -- it is always good to read a book that confirms one's research into the topic.
Basically all successful diets really limited sugar and increase fibre (high in micronutrients). They are also low in trans fats and omega-6 fat. If you do consume fat and carb mixed, you have an equal amount of fibre. The rest is really window dressing.
Other good tips for losing weight are: eat protien with your breakfast. Never skip breakfast. get enough sleep. Wait 20 min before having seconds. Exercise.
Very basic but practical. The real is to eat real food. Avoid the processed. And listen to your body.
The fibre connection is interesting. Nurtient rich strachy carbs all have a lot of fibre. Fibre contributes to making you feel full and getting rid of toxins. It also speeds up transit times.

Right I need to get this partial off to my editor...

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Caroline said...

Congratulations on the latest viking, Michelle. I can't wait to read it. Caroline x p.s looking forward to the Berserker, too.