Sunday, July 08, 2012

Volunteering and the YHA

My daughter left today for a four week stint at the Wastwater Youth Hostel as a volunteer. She has taken advantage of the YHA's student placement scheme. She gets valauble work experience plus room and board in one of the prettier YHA locations. She will be doing a wide variety of jobs (general skivvy I think but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!) It will get her out of the house this summer. She learnt about the scheme through her university.
The YHA run a wide variety of volunteering programmes. You can read about them here.  Student placments tend to last 4 - 8 weeks, but shorter stints are available.
I hope she has a great time and learns a lot about herself as well as what goes into making a venture like that a success.

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Nell Dixon said...

Volunteering is a great way to gain experience and to learn about people. My eldest volunteers at the disability charity where I work and gets so much out of it. I'm sure K will have a wonderful time.