Sunday, March 18, 2012

First draft done

It is Mothering Sunday in the UK and I have finished my first draft.
Yes, it is rough. yes, it needs layering. But my characters have had their Happy Ever  After.
Considering on Friday 2 March, I had in reality about 6k and I am now at 67k (it needs to be 70 k plus but I ALWAYS pick up about 5 -10 k after the first draft), I have done remarkably well.
I will admit that I had visions of working deperately late on 31 March and indeed 1 April to even get this far! I was determined to make it and I will make it with a manuscript that I am proud of.
It means I have 2 weeks to edit, revise and polish before it goes off to my editor.
The main thing that happened was that I completely turned off the internet and started working on my laptop on its battery. I forced myself to stay there and work, rather than taking a break to put the laundry on, or another one to do the dusting or jut put the kettle on. Not pausing.
I did keep doing my Tracy Anderson through out it all and am Continiuty 1.1 Level 6. I will do an update on this soon, suffice it to say that I am still seeing changes in my body. But whereas I started doing TAM for my physical health, I now do it for my mental health. It really does help to keep me focussed.

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Caroline said...

Wow! That's some writing schedule Michelle! Is your keyboard steaming hot? I bet it is. Can't wait to read your next book. Caroline x