Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sometimes life gets in the way

This blog has been neglected recently I have been attempting to finish my Viking. Many apologies.
My first draft is now done and I am on editing. It has potential and I really want to make it stronger (plus a bit longer as I am under the required word count by a few thousand!) I am really excited about it. But it is a small of matter of polishing amking it sing. The character arcs have to make sense.

In Tracy Anderson Method news: I am on Level 8 Day 4. My continuity is backordered (boo hiss). My fingers remain crossed that I will get before I finsih the Meta portion. Otherwise I will be repeating levels 7,8 & 9. I am currently using ankleweights for the MS work and can really feel it in my legs. The 2.5 lbs ankle weights give an added pull and burn to the leg lifts.
 My weight has dropped slightly but I remain within my green zone. I have done a ton of reading on nutrition. Elizabeth Lipiski Digestive Wellness (4th edition) is very good. Tracy seems to have used a variety of good digestion techniques to try to get people's bodies to absorb the nutrients. There is a theory that we overeat and have cravings because our bodies fail to digest the proper nutrients.

The Times had a piece yesterday that pointed out that lutein is particularly good in fighting wrinkles. Kale is full of lutein. Spinach, watercress and red papers are also good but not as good as kale.

My children are home from university and the house is full again. My eldest objected to my exercising so early so I have compromised and now do the MS before the DC so he can sleep. I don't like it as well but obviously my endurance has improved a bit as I am not falling asleep at 9 pm!


Caroline said...

Posting late...sorry. But I hope you and your family have a great Christmas. Caroline x

Carol Warham said...

Wishing you a happy and successful 2012