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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A levels and my daughter

What is worse than waiting for your own results? Waiting for your child's, particularly when it is the second child. My legs are like jelly. My nerves shot. With my eldest, I had the naivete of assuming he would make it. Then I had friends whose very bright children had to go through clearing (best thing that could have happened and they are thriving btw) and in the back of my mind I worried about my daughter. Had she done enough? I barely slept for days. We took long walks discussing why she would have made the grade. Thinking logically. One never thinks logically.
Early this morning she went on UCAS (before the official opening time of 8 am) and discovered her offer with her first choice university had changed to UNCONDITIONAL. She had made the grades. The scream echoed through the house.
She then waited to go down to get her grades. She got -- A*, A, B, B

Let the celebrations begin! She is going to university and I am so happy for her. There will be CAKE!!!
Two down. One to go in two years time.


India said...

What a FABULOUS start to the day here in overcast Cheshire!! So very happy for K, whose hard work and dedication has richly paid off, and who can now look forward to the next exciting phase of her life. And for you. You do so much to motivate and encourage and inspire your children (and mine!) so this is a tribute to your dedication too. Enjoy the cake!! xxx

Nell Dixon said...

Many congratulations to her! Fabulous news!

Kate Hardy said...

Just brilliant. All that hard work paid off - not to mention excellent support and inspiration by you. Hope K has a wonderful, wonderful time at uni.

Caroline said...

Ohhh great news. You must ALL be so excited and relieved. Massive congratulations to your daughter. I hope she enjoys ever minute at university. I know I did! Caroline x

Kate Walker said...

Many congratulatons to K - so very well done. I hope she has a wonderful time at her university - and now you can sleep!

Jane said...

Congrats to your daughter and the whole family.

Carol Warham said...

Many many congratualtions

Judy Jarvie said...

Congratulations Michelle and special congratulations to your daughter.