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Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolutions revisited

Right it is 31 Dec and I need to look at how well I did last year. The areas I looked at last year (surprise, surprise) are going to the ones I look at again:

1. Time management. My editor mentioned this one recently as well. So I do need to be more productive. I did learn about chunking my writing so this is good. But I do have a tendency to be scattered and I need to focus more on the things that earn me money when I am working. And when I am not working, I need to be there for my family. So certain things like some social networking is going to take a backseat for awhile.

2. Weight management -- my weight is finally going in the right direction. I discovered that eating starches do nothing for me. After the holidays, it is back to the diet and increasing the exercise. I liked throwing out fat pants! I would like to throw out more!

3. Improving my writing -- this is a mixed bag. I still get the same remarks from the editors...up the emotion, focus on the relationship, more sensuality etc. I also need to respect my process rather than going and searching for something new every time. I am talking to my editor in the new year and have several ideas on how I can proceed and what I want to write. Sometimes you do try things that don't quite work as well as they should.  It is about understanding my writing and how I work. Working smarter rather than harder.

Currently I am suffering from a bad cold and some things are going by the by until I am well!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!


Julie Cohen said...

Happy new year and I hope you feel better soon!

Nell Dixon said...

Happy New Year dearest and hope you feel well again soon.

Caroline said...

Get well soon Michelle. And I hope you and your family have a great New Year. Caroline x

Rula Sinara said...

Happy New Year and get well soon! I hope that all your resolutions come to fruition with ease :)

Donna Alward said...

Happy New Year - I am with you on the starches although the last week has been KILLER. Back to it Jan 2. Hopefully there is a lot less of both of us when we meet up in NY!

I think time management is always going to be an issue, but I learned that refilling the well is super important to keep my productivity up. So I'm going to work on balance.

Nas Dean said...

Happy New Year and hope you get well soon!

Serenity said...

Good luck with the resolutions Michelle, I agree that time management is always an issue for us busy woman with families and sometimes jobs to run. It can be hard to make sure we don't neglect any area of our life. Look after yourself and hope you feel better soon.

carolwarham said...

A very happy New Year to you.