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Monday, November 15, 2010

His Stand In Bride -- up on eharlequin

The first chapter of His Stand In Bride is up now on Eharlequin. A new chapter goes up every week until 3 January. You can acces the whole thing from here.

The blurb reads:

Tyne Valley, 1813

When her sister eloped with someone other than her betrothed, Lady Anne Dunstan knew two things. One, that she completely supported her sister's making her own choice about who she would marry. And two, that Anne—the responsible one—would have to clean up the mess
What she didn't know was how her sister's intended, Jason Martell, would take the news. Or how Anne would respond to the force of his presence, his rugged good looks, his less-than-gentlemanly advances.
Or to his proposal of marriage.

Anyway, I really enjoyed writing it and I am anxious to see how people like it...There is going to be a thread on eharlequin for discussing the story and I will be happy to answer any questions.


Nas Dean said...

Hi Michelle, I just came back from reading His Stand In Bride. Jason is calling Anne a spinster! How aweful for her! Now I'm desperate to read what happens next. But the discussion thread is not there yet.

Michelle Styles said...

Nas --

I am pleased you have enjoyed it thus far.
The discussion thread should be up later today. The Powers that Be at Harlequin always seem to do one...

Carol Townend said...

Just read it, and I second Nas, it's great! More please...

Caroline said...

I'm going right over now! Can't wait to read it. Caroline x

Rula Sinara said...

It's wonderful. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Caroline said...

Back again Michelle. I've read it - and it's wonderful.. It's just a shame I have to wait for the next installment ;) Caroline x

Michelle Styles said...

I am so pleased people are enjoying it.

The discussion thread is now up on eharlequin:

I will be happy to answer questions there.

Annie M said...

Oh I've been looking forward to this!
Just going to make some tea and will pop over to eharl :)