Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Sinai Adventure Day 7 and 8: The Red Sea

Today is my day for the PHS Destination Life column so my adventures with snorkeling on the Red Sea are there. It was tremendous fun but in the end hard work. I have never been so glad for the final snorkel to be ended.

The return journey was relatively painless. Once again the guides at the airport came into their own -- seeing off a porter and then guiding us to the correct queue. You would think getting in the correct check in line would be in a cinch BUT a group in front of us waited for over an hour only to be told they had joined the wrong line!

My cold came on on that last day and my sunburn ached but we all had had a glorious time. We arrived back to a cold, damp England.

As an escape from winter cold, and gloom, you can't beat the brilliant blue skies of the Sinai.

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