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Current Release
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Other people's research

I have discovered a great new use for Shelfari. Joanne Rock asked me if I wouldn't mind putting a few of the books I have used in my research. She then respond by putting a few of the books she used on her shelf. It is great to discover books that other writers have found useful or helpful. So I shall be putting books I use on my shelf...
As an aside, Joanne has her first anthology out --Bet Me and she is having a contest. Details are on her website.
Anyway, the vast majority of the books I use are now on my shelf on shelfari, so if anyone is interested, you can go and look.
It was very much a displacement exercise as I have not written nearly as much as I planned to. So I shall be working on my word quota.
Today my daughter had her riding lesson. She can now trot in a square. She is very pleased. Instead of writing, I read some more of Swain. I can understand why, despite his male chauvinistic approach, the book is considered to be a bible for commercial fiction writing. His section on pace in beginnings, middles and endings is brilliant. He has ideas both for increasing tension, and decreasing it. Apparently every time you switch view point, you decrease tension. This can be good. Too much tension can result in the reader becoming breathless. He uses the analogy of climbing a mountain -- not every section is as steep.


Trish said...

Bravo on the trotting in a square!!! Not as easy as some might think.... ;)

Tell her I said to remember INSIDE LEG... I could go into a long explanation about inside leg to outside hand... but I shan't. Cos I'm good that way...

Michelle Styles said...

Trish -- She beamed as of course you are a guru on all things horsey.

Trish said...


Point the darling one in the direction of my myspace page... after popping over to yours I was inspired to try a slideshow... and there are three pics of Charlie et moi on it... (tell her to ignore my elbows...)