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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mothering Sunday

Today in Britain is Mothering Sunday. The date varies with Easter -- which varies with Passover. It is when people were supposed to return to their Mother church -- IE the one where they were baptised. As this generally meant going back home, mothers were honoured as well.

I find Mothering Sunday easier than Mother's day in the US, simply because there is a historic reason for it. Mother's day in the US I think was started by a greeting card company.

My children were most insistent that I sleep in. I did. I have received two DVDs -- Elizabeth I and The Queen. My dh thought it most appropriate. He also got me a Quentin Blake card of a woman reclining on a chaise lounge with a glass of wine. He thought it most romantic writer...

In the Telegraph, there was a piece about how people chose books -- 49% from friend's (word of mouth) 45% from Author's reputation, 32% from from the back cover and 22% from reviewers. I forget the other percentages. I think 12% for the front cover. Obviously respondents could pick more than one choice. The telegraph journalist was most upset about reviews appearing so far below back cover copy. Personally I gave thanks that my books have such EXPERT back cover copy -- editors write it (and rewrite it many times). From my pov though, writing a book that has people telling their friends to buy it is the best way to sell a book...

The editing continues...


liz fenwick said...

Thanks for the history on mothering Sunday.......never knew.

Happy Mothering Sunday!

Donna Alward said...

I thought Elizabeth 1 was fabulous. Hugh Dancy was incredible. It really showcased his abilities.

I haven't seen The Queen yet.