Friday, February 02, 2007

Sold and Seduced cover

The cover for Sold and Seduced is up on It is a lovely cover and does capture the mood.

Interestingly I have seen a prototype of Taken by the Viking's cover (which is truly inspirational) and I think it is by the same artist.

This is a probably a good time to remind all of you of the contest for a S&S hardback copy. All you have to do is be signed up to receive my newsletter and email me, giving me the names of the hero and heroine of S&S.


Anonymous said...

Did you know that's the inside cover of Lyn Randall's book, WARRIOR OR WIFE?

Michelle Styles said...

Yes, I know. I have known for a long time. And isn't it a lovely seductive picture? It deserves to be on the front cover rater than the inside cover in any case.
It really does give a sense of the mood of the book. And there is very much an inside joke about this cover and my book.

Covers are a PTB decision.
It is one of the reasons I do not spend much time with Art Fact Sheets. TPTB are free to ignore them and come up with something completely different. I had thought for this book, they would have had a bridal theme, but no they went with a different title and then found something that matched.

I supply the content, the marketing department decides titles, covers, blurbs and timing. Thank God.

Jessica Raymond said...

Lovely picture!!

Jess x