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Current Release
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Saturday, October 14, 2006

On starting a new wip

I am curently thinking about my new wip -- the Victorian Christmas one set in Newcastle with a self-made man as the hero. He is going to have to be yummy.

For a number of reasons I believe my next hero will bear a certain resemblance to the British actor -- Richard Armitage. The link takes you to a v good and complete photo album. After my problems with posting Hugh Jackman photos, I thought it best to link the album. Richard Armitage is currently appearing as Sir Guy of Gisbourne on Robin Hood.

I am busy doing my outline. Fingers crossed it has enough turning points. I do like the Donald Maas exercise which says which are the five crucial events that take the plot forward, and what a three crucial events that move it backward. You can repeat the steps for the first and second plot layers. Or even subplots. It helps me to think and I am starting to get the semblance of an outline, perhaps one that is able to withstand 18/19 chapters.

Of course I also get the crows of doubt circling about HVC. Did I do everything correctly? Will it be good enough? that sort of thing. Actually I do know thatmy editor has a very good eye and she will help make it better. I really trust my editor. She is not only an Inspiration but a Bad Influence.

Anyway, the actual writing starts on Monday and so I had best get something sorted.


Kate Hardy said...

Great minds think alike - we have the same hero this time round :o)

Nell Dixon said...

Looking forward to this, I like Victorian set things.

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Good luck Michelle, I love the sound of a Victorian Christmas and I can already tell your hero will be yummy!!

Your editor sounds great and a lot of fun. I wonder what makes her a bad influence...

Sue :-)