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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I am back from my Norwegian cruise. There were over one hundred emails waiting for me! Serves me right to start taking Laurie Campbell's synopsis class and then not go to digest messages!
The best email was from my editor. She confirmed that they are keeping The Gladiator's Honour as title in the UK. In the US, it will be The Gladiator's Honor. The Gladiator's Honour will be published in hardback in March 2006, and in paperback in May 2006. The large print version will be September 2006. They are still trying to decide if it will published Direct or Direct and Retail in the US.
She also confirmed that my partial is in the right place. When it came in, it went into the slush pile by mistake BUT that was all sorted . I will be hearing her thoughts shortly...
Norway was lovely, but I have been cured of any desire to do the 14 day Norwegian coastal cruise. Any cruise that I take from now on will need to have lectures and a purpose, not just sitting back and watching the mountains pass. Beautiful. Breathtaking, but it would drive me nuts after a few days. The thought of taking enough books sends shivers down my spine. I divided my time between watching the fjords, and reading.
I will put the photos on here soonish.


Michelle said...

Hardback? Wow, that is WONDERFUL news. :) Congratulations on getting to keep your title.

Michelle Styles said...


All M&B are put out as hardback -- for the library trade. Some libraries in the UK prefer their M&B as H/B because they last longer. It can cause problems for authors when they enter the RITA as it has to be the year the book was published in.

kate hardy said...

Mmm, not all M&Bs go as hardback. Depends on the line. In Meds, for example, there are only 2 slots for 6 books - so we pinch two of the Romance slots each month (and that leaves two that don't go to hardback).

Michelle Styles said...

Thanks for that Kate! I can now feel proud that I am in hardback. I had just assumed....There again it is for different line than Medicals...