Monday, October 24, 2011

The Tracy Anderson Method Meta Omni: Days 20 -26 Dealing with Transitions

Last week marked the end of Level 2 and the start of Level 3. Level 3 has no planks! In theory this makes it easier. But the challenge is to really be precise.
I was super pleased with my measurements, but this week also marked the point at which I reached 140 and I bought a pair of UK size 8 jeans (US size 4) and have been wearing them as they fit. My super skinny H&M pencil skirt also arrived. It fits (just). The new goal is ensure the super skinny pencil skirt fits comfortably and then to work towards maintenance and toning.  In other words, I don't want to go to a size 6.  I have already noticed a distinct lack of stock in M&S and other places.  It is all about balance and learning to make healthy choices so all the hard work is not destroyed. I know that the Dance Cardio and the MS work will be done for the rest of my life, but I love my food too much to be on a constant diet.
The losing weight has happened far more quickly (in some ways) that anticipated. I did plateau for a long time around 170. But it is also coming to terms with my image in the mirror. I find I see myself as a size 14/16 UK (10/12 US). Before I put the skirt on, I thought how tiny and there is no way... then it fit so I am that tiny even if I don't see it. Aspirational clothing does help as you do lose from more than your measurement points.
One of the ladies who is currently doing TAM, Leah, has a blog Rumspringa and she talked about how a book The Secrets of A Former Fat Girl by Lisa Delaney helped. As I was struggling, I downloaded it. It proved an enlightening read. Delaney lost her weight over 20 years ago.  The book is part memoir of  her struggle and part helpful hints for dealing with some of this. Delaney is the former executive editor of Health.  I was gratified to learn that some of my tactics she employed. For example the Not An Option mantra. I first used this when I was trying to get published and have found it works wonders with exercise as well. At the moment, it is Not An Option for me to skip workouts. I know that you are supposed to rest after 6 days but...I worry about my little voice, the one who continually tells me that I can loaf off. It is part of the reason that I do 1 hour of Dance Cardio and do the Dance Cardio first. I know I'd skimp otherwise. Dance Cardio is hard work. While it is enjoyable in a sado-masochistic way, I know that given a ghost of excuse, I'd be finding reasons why it should be less. My results depend on DC and so it is NAO.  Equally, NAO about upping the reps on the leg work when I can do them easily. It is about pushing. And it has always NAO to miss writing.
I was gratified to learn that she didn't diet until her exercise regime was firmly established. This happened a bit to me. I did get exercising into my blood with the exercise dvds earlier in the year and it was part of the despair at plateauing that led me to TAM.
She also gave strategies for dealing with people etc. If you have a lot of weight to lose, I do recommend the book.  It is a very positive life-affirming sort of book and shows that just because you have lost weight, it doesn't mean that you are destined to gain it all back. You do have a choice to choose  the new you.
This Friday is the annual AMBA lunch and I should get photos from that. (Still being lazy about a camera cord here). The dress I was going to wear is now slightly too big but that is fine. It still looks nice (I think)


LP King said...

Hi, Michelle. Some of the details on your weight loss saga escape me for the moment. However, don't you find increased muscle mass has helped with the amount/type of food you can eat? (Or perhaps you're not going for increased muscle mass?) A lot of folks find being more muscular actually decreases the cravings for some of those bad carbo-fatty combos (e.g. cookies).

Michelle Styles said...

Umm when I was doing the other exercise dvds, I still suffered from cravings. My relationship with food can be emotionally based at times.
TAM dosn't go for bulk muscles. It is more the lean dancer's look.
The Lifestyle Menus of Tracy Anderson's 30 Method book was one of the first times in recent memory where I didn't get huge sugar/starch cravings. I suspect it is because there was v limited salt, high fresh fruit content and enough nutrients to support. I also found that not drinking my ordinary tea with milk has helped.
When I have had cake (eg my son's 21st) I had no moreish cravings. And now that I am modifying the Lifestyle Menus -- ie eating with the family for supper, I find that bread holds no real appeal. I also have found that in general food just tastes better.

Urke said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle! Leah here. I am so impressed by your never ending dedication to TAM, and your results and how quickly they's all very inspiring! Also, I am so pleased that the book helped you too! I really started my blog to have my journey in writing for myself so that in the end I could (hopefully) see how far I'd come as it is easy to forget. But when I realized how much it helped me reading about other people's experiences, I thought I'd share mine in case it could contribute anything to anybody. I am therefore moved to know that my experience helped you in however small a way it did, in the same way that your experience helps me along as well!

Anonymous said...

Michelle! Leah again. I took your advice in regards to not stopping during leg work, in between reps and such and instead just going slower if needed as long as I kept moving...sheesh lady! You must like to inflict pain in the same say Tracy does, haha. BUT...I must say I was sweating and I feel like it worked, but man it ain't easy!

ME said...

Hope you've had a WONDERFUL time at your author's lunch Michelle!

LP King said...

Sometimes I joke that bread is the Devil's fodder.

Seriously, though -- I had to stop eating yeast bread (can still eat muffins, scones, tortillas, etc.) because it seemed to get harder and harder to digest. Once I did, I didn't miss it. Occasionally, for example when I'm out for dinner and a restaurant has really good bread, I do feel like having a piece. However, I resist, because I know it will only make me feel bloated and "stuck."

That's interesting about tea. I've heard drinking straight tea can interfere with the body's absorption of iron. As you are doing a dance cardio, and may be performing "high impact" moves, you would want to keep an eye on your hemoglobin level.